Marlene Hall

I started singing for the Lord finally in obedience.

After he retired we moved to Oregon in August 1991. In 2006 we attended Oak Creek Christian Center in Albany, OR. It was there we met Matilda & Joseph Novak. Joseph was instrumental in tearing down the wall that Chet had built up around himself. Chet was saved in July 2006 at the age of 64. In August both Chet & I were baptized and began to live for the Lord. Life is so much better when God is the head of the household. We have been blessed many times over since then.

I have been attending Lebanon First Assembly since April 2012. I joined the worship team and that Christmas I sang my first solo. It was that year I started singing for the Lord finally in obedience.

Gordon Kuryluk gave me the opportunity to sing with the PGMA in 2017 & GGM in 2018. I thank him for that opportunity. In 2018 I recorded “Oh, Say But I’m Glad” CD at his studio. We are currently working on another project. It will be out sometime this year (2019). Gordon and my husband have encouraged me greatly through these projects. Thank you both very much.

Phone #1

541-619-1728 or 541-619-5455


3185 Galena Lp.

Lebanon, OR 97355